It was in March, 2016, when I heard Mark Davis’ Background Briefing program on ABC Radio National, that I learnt of the events that took place around Anzac Parade, the Anzac Parade Memorial Obelisk and Moore Park during and after World War One. I was astounded that I knew nothing about these events and felt almost cheated when I realised my own father could have been one of those volunteers of the AIF who said his farewells to his family here and marched to board his ship at Woolloomooloo.


It was as a result of this program that I set out to discover more about the story that Mark Davis had revealed and found I was not the only one who was ignorant of this story – in fact, I have not met anybody who knew anything more than snippets of it. It was out of my efforts to flesh out this forgotten story that Daughters of ANZAC and their Families was born and a website developed.


MARK DAVIS   I am indebted to Mark Davis for bringing this story to light and opening my eyes to the past. I have gone back to the original sources of the texts he referred to and have discovered many other parts of the story in the process.


ARCHIVISTS   I am grateful for the help given by the archivists at the City of Sydney Archives, the Australian National Maritime Museum Archives, the University of New South Wales Archives and the Randwick Historical Society. I was particularly pleased that, with the help of the archivist at the City of Sydney Archives, I could obtain high quality digitised copies of the photos of the decorations on the Memorial Obelisk during the 1920s and 1930s. The level of detail shows that men, women and children all participated in this yearly event.


RANDWICK COUNCIL   Finally and most importantly, I wish to thank Randwick Council for voting unanimously to support the motion put forward by Councillor Bowen. 

RESOLUTION: (Bowen/Andrews) that: a) this Council formally gives its support to the Daughters of ANZAC project; b) commits to working with all relevant stake-holder to endeavor to restore and recreate the ANZAC Parade corridor as intended with the 1917 dedication of ANZAC parade, inducing the construction of an appropriate monument at La Perouse; and c) Council commit to constructing an appropriate monument at La Perouse to mark 100 years of the naming of Anzac Parade. MOTION: (Bowen/Andrews) CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


To the MANY OTHER PEOPLE who have generously offered, and continue to offer, their ideas and support, I acknowledge and am deeply grateful for their contribution. They have made the telling of this story, and the photos that accompany it, a worthwhile journey. After all, we need to know the stories of our past to help give context to our lives and to learn, hopefully, from the lessons they reveal.


And to Bronwyn Kelly, thank you for helping to formulate ideas for getting started on a website.


WEB DESIGN - My special thanks and appreciation to Francis Ginter.




Margaret Hope 2017   Founder of Daughters of ANZAC and their Families