How the diggers marched down Anzac Parade

Australian soldiers march down Randwick Road from Kensington Racecourse to board troop ships at Circular Quay, 18 August 1914. (Source: Australian National Maritime Museum)

“This photograph depicts troops, possibly of the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force, marching on Randwick Road for final embarkation on HMAS BERRIMA. The photograph was taken on 18 August 1914 looking at the corner of what was then Park Road, (now Moore Park Road), looking south along what was then Randwick Road (now Anzac Parade) in the Sydney suburb of Paddington.


"The troops comprised a small volunteer force of about 2,000 men, whose purpose was to seize and destroy German wireless stations in German New Guinea. HMAS BERRIMA departed Sydney the following day, on 19 August 1914 and the troops returned on 16 January 1915.

"The troops then marched down Oxford street and through the city amidst cheering crowds.


"Despite the fact that nothing was published in the papers about the march, there were tens of thousands thronging the streets to see the first division of the great expeditionary force."

Our Troops March Through the City, 19 August 1914, The Sydney Morning Herald, p. 12.