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Add Your Stories

We are interested to hear any family stories such as:

  • your memories of family gatherings at the Anzac commemorations held in Moore Park and of children  decorating the Memorial Obelisk; 

  • stories of  what your family did to support the troops overseas, for example, by preparing  and sending food parcels, newspapers and knitwear;

  • any stories which you think would be interesting to others especially those  that  pertain to the  soldiers preparing to leave to go to war;

  • your memories of how World War I affected you.  Maybe you don’t have any memories.  Maybe your parents never mentioned the war – many didn’t.  Maybe that silence was telling in itself and had its own effects on your life which would be interesting, and even comforting, for others to read about.

Please keep stories under 1000 words.


Click on the 'Add a File' button below. In the box that pops up you will be able to attach a document and photographs. Add your email and a brief message, and then click 'Send'. We will publish your story as soon as we can.